Regulations, Red Tape and Resident Care
F-Tag Review Web Seminar Series: Comprehensive Review of Regulations and Interpretive Guidance for top F-Tags 

IHCA is collaborating with several other AHCA/NCAL affiliates to bring you this exciting web seminar series for 2018. During this year long series, we will focus on a review of the top deficiencies cited nationally with the new Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP). Each session will focus on top-cited F-Tag with a review of the regulation and an analysis of the associated Interpretive Guidance. 

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The log in fee for each session is $55 members/$110 non-members. The fee for each additional person who wishes to receive CEs is $15 per session.

F-Tag Review Series: Comprehensive Review of Regulations and Interpretive Guidance for Food Safety F812, F813

February 28, 2018 | 9:30 a.m.

This session will focus on F-Tags 812 & 813 with a review of the regulation and an analysis of the associated Interpretive Guidance. A review of survey procedures, such as the Kitchen Observa-tion and Dining Observation Critical Element Pathways and the Surveyor Probes used to guide the investigative process will be discussed. Actual citation examples will be shared and dis-cussed. Tools to assist the facility interdisciplinary team in monitoring compliance and incorpo-rating into the facility QAPI processes will also be discussed.

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Review Course for the Illinois Licensure Examination for Nursing Home Administrators

Saturday, February 17 and Saturday, February 24, 2018 | Naperville
Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15, 2018 | Springfield

February 17 and March 14 will be devoted to reviewing material covered by the national portion of the exam. The session will cover federal laws and regulations, and present basic principles of leadership and management, human resources, finance, physical environment, and resident care and quality of life. Study materials you will receive: “Practice Questions and Answers on Nursing Home Administration” by John T. Cirn, Ph.D. written in the same multiple-choice format used in the licensure exam. “Review Manual for the National Part of the Licensure Examination” by John T. Cirn, Ph.D. is a two-binder set containing overviews of human resources management and financial management in the nursing home; a glossary of long term care terms; outlines of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, federal employment laws, and the Life Safety Code; and readings on infection control, activity programming, resident-centered care and numerous other topics addressed by both the core and the NHA specialty components of the NAB exam. Federal materials include the certification standards, all the survey guidances, and the survey protocol. 

February 24 and March 15 will focus on materials covered by the state supplemental part of the exam, primarily the Illinois licensing rules for skilled nursing facilities.  BRING A CALCULATOR for the practice exercises on calculation of minimum “direct care” staffing. 
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AL/SLF Directors Certificate Program - Class of 2018

IHCA/ICAL is offering an extensive certificate program to assist AL/SLF Directors in their operations. This program will take place over the course of 7 months and feature face-to-face sessions, as well as web seminars. The program will total 20-22 clock hours of continuing education and will conclude with a luncheon/graduation.

About the Program
The IHCA/ICAL AL/SLF Directors Certificate Program kicks off with an informative and interactive face-to-face event on April 19 in Bloomington that includes legislative and regulatory updates pertinent to AL/SLF centers and other regulatory issues such as HIPAA, Cybersecurity and an introduction to AHCA’s Long Term Care Trend Tracker. Two (2) web seminars will be scheduled each month in May, June, August and September that will cover a variety of topics such as pain management, financial management, the aging process, advanced directives and more. Mary Tellis-Nyak will present an all-day leadership session in July and the final session will be in October with Scott Tittle, NCAL’s Executive Director. During the October session, Scott will discuss the book, Leadership and Self Deception (which participants will receive at the kick off session) and certificates of completion will be presented.

Click here to view the program application. Deadline to submit your application is March 30, 2018.

For more information, contact Debbie Jackson at or 800.252.8988.