Session Handouts

Below you will find session presentation handouts for the 68th Annual  IHCA Convention & Expo. IHCA will not have any printed handouts at convention. Please print what you need before you go or download our convention app.

To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for IHCA Events. Install and open the app and then select the event, 2018 Annual. Click here to view the user's guide for the app. You can use the app on your phone, tablet or computer. To use it on your desktop or laptop, please use this URL:

There are still a few handouts/presentations that we do not have. If there is no hyperlink for a session in the list below, then we have not received the information. 

Tuesday, September 11

T102 - Successful Participation in the Sub-Acute Market: Part 1
T103 - WHERE and HOW to Renovate: Best Bang for your Buck!
T104 - No Resident Left Behind…Evaluating All Residents Quality of Life
T105 - Taking Better C.A.R.E. of the Care Planning Process
T106 - The Real World of Building Skilled Census
T107 - A QAPI Case Study: Systematic Analysis of an Infection Control Process
          - Handout
T108 - Navigating the Changing Managed Care Landscape: Updates for 2018
T109 - Non-Medicinal Techniques and Strategies That Can Be Used in Behavioral Interventions
T110 - Change Your Focus to Get New Results...For Yourself and for Your Residents
          - Handout
T111 - Eating Through an Emergency
T112 - Involuntary Transfer and Discharge: Regulatory and Enforcement Update
T113 - Successful Participation in the Sub-Acute Market: Part 2
T114 - Designing with Longevity in Mind
T115 - Take Control: Managing UI and Improving Quality of Life
          - Handout
T116 - Why "Root Cause" is at the ROOT of Compliance AND Defensibility
T117 - Recruiting & Retaining Millennials
T118 - Emergency Preparedness: Are You Prepared?
T119 - Health Care Technology & Long Term Care: Navigating the Digital Age
T120 - Alzheimer's Disease in People with Intellectual Disabilities
T121 - Creating an Effective Guest/Customer Relations Program
          - Handout
T122 - Nutrition and Phase 2 Implementation: Where Are We Now??
T123 - How to Proactively Defend Your Facility Within the Hours Following a Resident’s Injury

Wednesday, September 12

W103 - Medicaid 2018: A Constantly Changing Environment
W104 - Hot Topics & Trends in Assisted Living
W105 - How to Use Federal Regulations to Protect Your Revenue from MCOs
W106 - Enhancing QAPI Performance: Quality of Care and Quality of Life
W107 - Opportunities to Lower Your Health Care Facilities Energy Costs
          - Handout
W108 - Personality Styles At Work: Insights That Will Make You an Amazing Leader
W109 - Regulatory Update:  Person-Centered Dementia Care
W110 - Let's Showcase, Highlight and Reflect on Those Achievements! 
W111 - Ignite Passion for a Continuous World Study Program
W112 - Trends in Senior Living Food Service Design and Equipment
W113 - Your Resident's Bill is Past Due: How Can You Legally and Ethically Collect?
W114 - How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Best Practices in Fall Prevention for Dementia Care
W115 - Achieving Your Occupancy Goals: The Magic Formula for Assisted Living
W116 - Is Your Revenue Cycle a Fixer Upper?
W117 - CNAs Leading the Day
W119 - PDPM - New Medicare Payment System - What to Expect!
          - Handout
W120 - Who Put the "MEN" in Menopause? Part 1
W121 - Psychotic Medication Usage in Persons with I/DD
W122 - Making a Difference: Therapeutic Programs in Short-Term Rehab
          - Handout
W123 - Cross Utilization: Less Expensive Ingredients with Bigger Flavors
W124 - Why People Complain and What Can We Do About It
W125 - Nursing Round Table
W126 - Medicare Part D & Medigap: Make Sure Your Residents Say “Action” and Not “Cut”
          - Handout 
W127 - Business Office Round Table
W129 - Finders Keepers
          - Handout
W130 - Building Bench Strength from Within
W131 - Who Put the "MEN" in Menopause? Part 2 (See W120)
W132 - The Center Annual Business Meeting and ID/DD Constitiuency Meeting
W133 - Activity Round Table
W134 - Dietary Round Table
W135 - IHCA Annual Business Meeting, AL/NF Constituency Meeting and Regulatory Update
W136 - Are You FLU-ent in Outbreak Management?
W137 - Senior Living Priorities, Challenges and Technology
W138 - Manage Your Revenue Cycle to Ensure a Healthy Bottom Line
W139 - Smarter Dementia Care
          - Handout
W140 - The Stages of Data Grief 
W141 - What the Heck! How Many Business Systems and Software Options are There?!
W142 - Restorative Nursing is WIN-WIN!
W143 - ID/DD Regulatory Update
W144 - Impact: Designing a Fall Prevention Program for Seniors
          - Handout
W145 - Essentials of Health Care Food Safety
W146 - Medicaid with Matt & Matt

Thursday, September 13

R101 - Please Have a Seat...But Not in a Wheeled Chair!!!
          - Handout
R102 - Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance
R103 - Reviewing Your Sexual Harassment Policy in the #MeToo Climate
          - Handout
R104 - Conflict and Confrontation: Part 1
R105 - Being Mindful in a Busy World for Long Term Care Professionals
R106 - The Impact of the Medical Director in Preserving Your Future
R107 - Care Redesign: Opportunity, Reward, Risk 
R108 - Meeting the Nutrition Needs of the Developmentally Disabled Adult
          - Handout
R109 - Back to the Future: Residents Rights Regulations
R110 - Boost Census with the Power of Brand & Hospitality
          - Handout
R111 - The New Survey Process: Lessons Learned
R112 - Meeting the Caregiver Challenge
          - Handout
R113 - May The Force Be With You
          - Handout
R114 - Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones and Words May Also Hurt Me
R115 - Conflict and Confrontation: Part 2
R116 - Preventing Readmission Through the Detection of Delirium
R117 - Preparing Your Organization's Technical Direction for the Next Decade
          - Handout
R118 - How to Write a Successful Plan of Correction
R119 - This Can't Wait! Disability Education for First Responders: A Train the Trainer Session
          - Handout
R120 - Start with Yes! IMPROVe Dementia Communications
          - Handout
R121 - Crunching Numbers to Shrink Costs
R122 - Winning with Difficult People
          - Handout
R123 - Streamlining Documentation
          - Handout
R124 - HealthChoice Illinois and Medicaid Managed Care Update
R125 - What is Happening and What Do I Do?
R126 - Who Me?? The Important Role of Leadership in a Changing Health Care Environment
R127 - The Science Behind the Therapist
R128 - Creating a Winning Retention and Recruitment Strategy 
R129 - From RUGs to PDPM: Preparing for Payment Reform
R130 - Rule 116 & Survey Preparedness
R131 - The Wizarding World of Activities
          - Handout
R132 - Implementing Person Centered Care in the Food Service Department: Can it be Done?
R133 - Going Ballistic: 20 Minutes to Live...This Is Not A Drill
          - Handout