Session Handouts

Below you will find session presentations/handouts for the Annual IHCA Convention & Expo.  Click on the name of the session to view/print the handout.

Opening General Session
PDPM Financial Outcomes: An Art and Science Approach- Jocelyn Brown & Tom Annarella 
Medicaid with Matt and Matt- Matt Hartman & Matt Werner
National Assisted Living Update- Scott Tittle
Strategies for Successful Operationalizing Infection Prevention and Control-  Susan LaGrange
PDPM: Key Nutrition Components to Maximize Reimbursement-Staci Bettiker
The Leaders Top 10- Lisa Thomson
Cannabis in Illinois: Updating Employment Policies After the Legalization of Cannabis- Neville Bilimoria & Jennifer Long
Owning the Outcomes: Understanding the Intersection of Quality, Financial and Operational Performance, and Survey Results-Jeff Heitgerd & Stephen Taylor
THINKING OUT LOUD! What REALLY Works to Protect Our Aging Brains: Fact vs. Fiction Part 1- Barbee Bancroft
THINKING OUT LOUD! What REALLY Works to Protect Our Aging Brains: Fact vs. Fiction Part 2- Barbee Bancroft
Unique Challenges of the Health Care Workforce: New Strategies for New Demands- Lisa Thomson
Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) Under the New Rules of Participation (RoP)- Mark Yost
How to Defend Your Facility in an Electronic World- Nick Lynn
Domestic Violence is a Workplace Safety Issue: Let's Do Something About It- Shannon Benaitis
Using the MCO Grievance Process to Stamp Out Bad MCO Behavior- Chad Bogar
Compliance in a Post-COVID-19 World-Tracey Jenkins & Doris Perry
Wild About Coaching and Documentation that Drive Performance Improvement Toward Quality Outcomes- Dee Mayfield
Wild About Outcomes- Michelle Stuercke
Developing Strategic Alliances to Manage Patients Across the PAC Continuum- Kristin Thrun & Kristin Tiwald
Mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training- Michelle Stuercke
The Renewed Emphasis on Restorative Nursing in Today’s SNF World!-Susan LaGrange
PDPM: A Celebration of Nursing - Everything and Everybody Matters- Michelle Self
Are You Ready for the Next Outbreak? Challenges and Opportunities in Outbreak Management in LTC- Josie Enriquez
Welcome to the Jungle - Denise Spihlman       Powerpoint presentation slides
Before You Call 911: What Providers Need to Know- Shannon Benaitis    
Rights: Restrictions and Restoration-Leanne Mull 
Grief: A Universal Experience- Leanne Mull