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“NEW” Regional/VP Level Clinical Reimbursement Specialist-Illinois Available
Ward & Associates Health Services, Inc.. has an “Top Notch” Regional/VP Level Clinical Reimbursement Specialist available for ILLINOIS now for a PERM position.  
ATTN Owners, Operators and Decision Makers in ILLINOIS...!
It's important NOW more than ever to "hire right" the first time, especially in the area of reimbursement expertise in LTC to ensure FIRST-quality of care needs are captured in your MDS Compliance Program for all your vulnerable residents, SECOND-to improve plans of care, financial outcomes, and meet regulatory guidelines and THIRD-to drive your organization forward in this critical time within our industry.
What sets us apart is, due to our vast network...many candidates have worked with or for us.

Ward Inc has ONE "Highly Accomplished" MDS RAC-CT Reimbursement Leadership Expert for a PERM position available NOW!!
Candidate-a Regional/VP Level Reimbursement Specialist with State and National training expertise, clinical expertise, systems/operations management, financial and leadership acumen with a passion for MDS Training and RN, LNHA, MDS RACT-CT who gets results and the ship on course.
I know her personally and professionally...she's "Top Notch," truly, so what are you waiting for??
Call Joy 630-347-8942 or email with questions.