Driving 5-Star & RoP Implementation Through a QAPI Approach: 2017 Web Seminar Series

IHCA is collaborating with the AHCA affiliates of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee to bring you this exciting web seminar series. For a complete list of dates and topics, click here to view the informational flyer. 

The fee for each session is $55 members/$110 non-members. 

Pain: Analyzing 5-Star Pain Quality Measures & Applying QAPI Principles to Improve Pain Quality Measures

May 23, 2017 
9—10:15 a.m.

This session will review the pain quality measures that impact the Quality Measure component of the Nursing Home Compare 5-Star Quality Rating system. During the session, we will review how these measures are calculated and how they impact your overall 5-Star Quality Rating. The session will focus on best practices for pain management to improve your pain quality measures using a QAPI framework with emphasis on reduction of common MDS coding errors and implementation of a facility specific 5-Star road map action plan. Sample tools will be shared for driving and sustaining 5-Star Quality.

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Review Course: For the Illinois Licensure Examination for Nursing Home Administrators

Saturday, May 6 and Saturday, May 13, 2017
NIU– Naperville- 1120 E. Diehl Rd., Naperville
Room: 166

Tuesday, May 23 & Wednesday, May 24 , 2017
Northfield Inn, Suites and Conference Center 
3280 Northfield Dr., Springfield

8:00    -    8:30    Registration and continental breakfast
8:30    -    12:00    Review  
12:00    -    1:00    Plated lunch
1:00    -    6:30    Review (Day One)
1:00    -    5:30    Review (Day Two)

May 6 and May 23 will be devoted to reviewing material covered by the national portion of the exam.  The session will cover federal laws and regulations, and present basic principles of leadership and management, human resources, finance, physical environment, and resident care and quality of life. Study materials you will receive: “Practice Questions and Answers on Nursing Home Administration” by John T. Cirn, Ph.D. written in the same multiple-choice format used in the licensure exam. “Review Manual for the National Part of the Licensure Examination” by John T. Cirn, Ph.D. is a two-binder set containing overviews of human resources management and financial management in the nursing home; a glossary of long term care terms; outlines of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, federal employment laws, and the Life Safety Code; and readings on infection control, activity programming, resident-centered care, and numerous other topics addressed by the NAB Exam. Federal materials include the certification standards, all the survey guidances, and the survey protocol. 

May 13 and May 24 will focus on materials covered by the state supplemental part of the exam, primarily the Illinois licensing rules for skilled nursing facilities.  BRING A CALCULATOR for the practice exercises on calculation of minimum nurse staffing. Study materials you will receive: The Illinois Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Facilities Code, specially underlined and annotated for exam preparation, along with a set of study outlines and a collection of 550 practice questions and answers.  
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MDS Basics & Advanced Training

May 23 (Basics) & 24 (Advanced)
Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center
Session One: MDS Basics — Providing care to residents with post-hospital and long term care needs is complex and challenging. Clinical competence; observational, interviewing and critical thinking skills; and assessment expertise from all disciplines are required to develop individualized care plans. The MDS and the RAI process help staff to gather definitive information on a resident’s strengths and needs, which can then be addressed in an individualized care plan. They also assist staff with evaluating goal achievement and revising care plans accordingly by enabling the nursing home to track changes in the resident’s status. As the process of problem identification is integrated with sound clinical interventions, the care plan becomes each resident’s unique path toward achieving or maintaining his or her highest practical level of well-being. This session will show the beginner the basics of the MDS and the RAI process.
Session Two: Advanced MDS—How the MDS Relates to Medicare and Medicaid – The MDS is not only an integral part of facilities’ quality of care system, but also helps facilities to be reimbursed for the care that is being provided. This session will discuss the critical components of the MDS that relate to both the Medicare and Medicaid payment system, including the RUGs 66 Grouper for Medicare and the RUGs 48 Grouper for Medicaid. In addition, we will discuss the Quality Measures, both claims based and MDS based. This will include how the Quality Measures relate to the SNF Value-Based Purchasing program. This knowledge will equip staff to assist the facility to achieve success in both of these essential programs.

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ID/DD Symposium

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center - Springfield

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