About Us

Founded in 1950 and led by a 13-member board of directors, the Illinois Health Care Association is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 500 licensed and certified long term care facilities and homes/programs for the developmentally disabled throughout the state.

Mission Statement

To lead in advocacy and education for our members.

Vision Statement

For the benefit of our members, we will:

  • Secure a fully funded reimbursement system
  • Create a common sense regulatory environment
  • Provide valued services to our members

Philosophy and Code of Ethics

A basic human right is to have accessible quality health care.

Full Members will provide care that will meet the physiological, psychological, environmental, and spiritual needs of the resident in licensed or certified facilities or programs.

Full Members will provide qualified staff in sufficient numbers to perform competent services to meet the resident’s needs.

Members will be fair and honest in all their transactions.

Members are encouraged to engage in research and education which will be done with the assurance that the interest and dignity of the individual is preserved and the conduct of the program is of professional quality.

Members are encouraged to attend and participate in all appropriate Association meetings and activities.

Members will clearly delineate their policies and will receive and act upon complaints and suggestions, utilizing established procedures of the state and national associations and related community resources.

Members will be an integral part of the community’s health program.

Constitution and Bylaws

Click here to view the Illinois Health Care Association Constitution and Bylaws.

Financial Statement

Financial information is available upon request. Please contact the IHCA office directly at info@ihca.com for further information.