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    Maitland-Warner Scholarship Fund Now Accepting Applications 

    Are you or someone you know planning to continue your nursing education? John W. Maitland, Jr. – Joseph F. Warner Long Term Care Nurses Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to individuals seeking to pursue nursing degrees and employment in long term care in Illinois. The application period is now open. Applications must be considered by Friday, June 7, 2019 to be considered. Click here for more information.

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    FALSE IHCA Invoice Email Notifications 

    It has come to our attention several IHCA members have received emails appearing to be from IHCA staff members, with an attachment labeled as an unpaid invoice. These are scam emails. Please be aware, while it may display as coming from an IHCA staff member, but they are not generated from the IHCA server. Please do not open any attachments on these emails, and immediately report them as spam/phishing attempts. If you question about an invoice, please call the IHCA office.

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    IHCA/ICAL/CDDACS Announces New Workforce Development Website!

    Illinois.carefortheaging.org offers site visitors a variety of information on career opportunities available in long term care in Illinois. Interested candidates can submit an interest form, which will allow them to be linked up with association members through the member portal. To sign up to use the portal, IHCA/ICAL/CDDACS members should scroll to the bottom of the site, click on Member Portal and go through the steps to register.