Committees & Task Force Groups

Constituency Committees

Constituency groups are composed of identifiable interests representing parts of the long term care continuum within the Illinois Health Care Association. Each constituency group is represented by at least one voting member on the Board of Directors as set forth in the Bylaws.

All members of IHCA shall be members of their respective constituency group. A member qualifying for more than one constituency group must enroll in only one constituency.

The committees serve as each constituency’s governing body. The committees concern themselves with statewide issues particularly related to the members of the constituency group. Committee members are elected to serve every two years. Each constituency group acts and is governed according to the bylaws and policies of the Board of Directors as determined from time to time.

Assisted Living Constituency Committee
Chair: Diane Lube • HCR ManorCare • Assisted Living Vice President
This committee consists of representatives from the Assisted Living Constituency. They meet periodically in conjunction with the Nursing Facility Constituency Steering Committee to review association business, discuss current long term care issues and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed.

Associate & Individual Member Constituency Committee
Chair: Andrew Cutler • FGMK, LLC • Associate/Individual Member Vice President

This group is made up of members of the Associate and Individual Member Constituency, which mainly consists of vendor members of IHCA. They meet periodically to discuss IHCA business, issues within their own constituency, as well as issues pertaining to the other constituencies. They also participate heavily in educational programming and the IHCA Expo, as well as other sponsorship opportunities.

ID/DD Constituency Committee (CDDACS Board of Directors)
Chair: Michael Bibo • LTC Support Services, LLC/RFMS, Inc. • IHCA ID/DD Representative/CDDACS President

This committee is made up of representatives of The Center for Developmental Disabilities Advocacy and Community Supports (CDDACS, also known as The Center) Board of Directors. They represent various types of members within the ID/DD Constituency, including: ICF/DDs, skilled pediatric facilities and CILA Providers. This committee meets periodically to discuss issues related to care of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Standing Committees

There are several standing committees tasked with the responsibility of reviewing the policy of all IHCA functions. Each standing committee includes at least one member from each constituency and such other members as appointed by the President. Standing committees submit policy recommendations to the Board of Directors for review and resolution. The deadline to submit a 2018 IHCA Standing Committee commitment form has now passed. If you are interested in serving on an IHCA committee, please contact our office. 

Administration/Finance and Operations Committee
Chair: Sam Thompson • Southgate Nursing & Rehabilitation Center • IHCA Treasurer

The Administration/Finance and Operations Committee is responsible for examining and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to Association property, equipment, supplies and operations. It is also responsible for preparing fiscal recommendations to the Board of Directors, including the annual budget, and for the oversight and guidance of Association meetings, including the Annual Convention.

Constitution & Bylaws Task Force
Chair: Tom McKula

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing suggested changes to the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws and making recommendations thereon to the Board of Directors.

Education, Convention & Trade Show Committee
Chair: Gerald Harmon • Faith Countryside Homes • Nursing Facility Non-Proprietary Vice President

The Education, Convention and Trade Show Committee is responsible for all aspects of educational programming and the Annual Convention and Expo.

Legal Committee
Chair: Nicholas Lynn • Duane Morris, LLP

The Legal Committee recommends legal strategies to the Board of Directors and serves as a resource for IHCA staff. An attorney selected by the President of the Association chairs the Legal Committee. Members of this committee need not be full members, but should be IHCA members.

Public Policy Committee
Chair: Michael Bibo • LTC Support Services, LLC/RFMS, Inc. • IHCA ID/DD Representative/CDDACS President

The Public Policy Committee was formed to ensure that members have a voice regarding legislative and regulatory issues. Members of the committee work directly with IHCA Public Policy staff to develop a legislative agenda and decide how to act on important long term care issues. They also make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding policy issues as needed.

Political Action Committee (IHCA PAC)
The IHCA Political Action Committee is responsible for all aspects of the operation of IHCA PAC, the political component of IHCA. IHCA PAC is tasked with supporting and promoting candidates for local and statewide, non-federal offices.  The IHCA PAC closely monitors the state’s political climate and actively engages in fundraising activities to capture the necessary funds to support those candidates who support the quality long term care that IHCA members provide.

Other Committees

Awards Task Force
The Awards Task Force is responsible for reviewing all nominations for the Annual IHCA Volunteer and Staff Awards and choosing the winner for each category—with the exception of the Annual Nursing Awards, which are handled by the LTCNA Council.

Nominating Committee
Chair: John Vrba • Burgess Square Healthcare Centre • IHCA Immediate Past President

The Nominating Committee is comprised of the Immediate Past President and two representatives elected from each of the constituencies. This committee is responsible for nominating individuals to serve as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The Immediate Past President acts as chair of this committee.

Long Term Care Nurses Association (LTCNA) Council
Chair: Michelle Stuercke • Transitional Care Management • LTCNA President

The Long Term Care Nurses Association (LTCNA) is the official body that represents nurses within the Association’s membership. LTCNA’s authority stems from the LTCNA duly adopted bylaws as approved by their Board. The LTCNA president or his/her representative serves as a voting member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

The LTCNA Council is the governing body of the LTCNA. The LTCNA Council is responsible for initiating and conducting activities to determine, develop and promote the interest/functions of LTCNA. The LTCNA Council also informs the public of positions of the Long Term Care Nurses Association and its members.