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IHCA is now offering on-demand recordings of sessions from select educational events. Register for the sessions you wish to access, and once your registration is processed, you will receive information on logging in to the platform where you will be able to access the recordings, along with presentations and other handouts, for the sessions you have purchased. The platform automatically tracks your participation, and once you have completed the on-demand session, you will receive continuing education credit. Certificates of completion will be added to our CE Central database, so you will be able to access them whenever you need.  

CMS Requirements of Participation Phase 3 Webinar Series
Understanding the Updated Guidance

  • Session 1: ROP Phase 3 Guidance Introduction / Residents Rights
    This session will provide an introduction to the regulatory updates that went into effect as part of ROP Phase 3 and will go over the significant changes regarding residents rights. Special attention will be paid to guidance related to visitation taken from memos issued due to COVID-19.
  • Session 2: Abuse and Neglect / Nurse Staffing (Payroll-Based Journal) 
    This session will focus on regulations regarding resident abuse and neglect, clarifying compliance and abuse reporting, and will also discuss guidance regarding payroll-based journal staffing data and how it can be used to trigger deeper investigations.
  • Session 3: Admission, Transfer and Discharge / Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) 
    This session will focus on the requirements related to facility-initiated discharges and will address residents’ rights regarding mental health and behavioral health services for individuals with mental health needs and substance use disorders.
  • Session 4: Potential Inaccurate Diagnosis and/or Assessment / Pharmacy 
    This session will discuss situations where practitioners or long term care providers may have inaccurately diagnosed/ coded a resident in the resident assessment, and will also address the unnecessary use of anti-psychotic drugs as well as the use of non-psychotic medications and gradual dose reduction.
  • Session 5: Infection Control
    This session will focus on the regulations that require long term care centers to have an infection preventionist on staff, at least part-time, infection prevention programs, specialized infection preventionist training, and other key issues related to infection control.
  • Session 6: Arbitration / Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide 
    This session will help clarify existing requirements for compliance when arbitration agreements are used by long term care centers to settle disputes. It will also go over the application of the “reasonable person concept” in the Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide and the severity levels for deficiencies.
  • Session 7: State Operations Manual Chapter 5 / ROP Phase 3 Guidance Overview/Wrap Up
    This session will review changes to Chapter 5 of the State Operations Manual to help clarify the timeliness of state investigations as well as communications to complainants to improve consistency across states. Presenters will also do a brief wrap up of the changes and key points to consider when implementing changes in your center. 
Participants can register for individual sessions or the entire series. Sessions run 90 to 120 minutes. Participants can earn up to 12.5 CEs for the full series. 

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