As part of our ongoing Public Policy work for our membership, IHCA diligently monitors legislative activities going on both in Illinois and at the federal level, working to support or oppose legislation as needed in order to promote long term care interests. IHCA staff also work consistently to build relationships with legislators and to develop grassroots relationships between these legislators and our members in their districts.

Keep up-to-date with IHCA’s Legislative activities:

  • IHCA Legislative Tracker – Tracks the progress of legislation that is of interest to IHCA or its members.
  • IHCA 2019 End of Legislative Session Report – This report summarizes what happened during the 2019 regular session.
  • Active Member Action Alerts – When fast action is necessary, IHCA will send Action Alerts to their membership asking for their help. Check back here when the legislature is in for these important alerts.

Legislative Resources

Illinois General Assembly
Legislator Lookup
IHCA Grassroots Manual