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Web Seminar Series: Cultivating LTC Leaders: Topics in Regulatory, Legal and Compliance Management

This 12-month web seminar series addresses hot topics in nursing home operations to develop skills in managing current clinical, regulatory, legal and compliance risks. A team of expert presenters offers insight on systems and strategies to advance preparedness for the varied challenges facing LTC leaders, with practical solutions, templates, tools and resources. 
What to Expect: Advance proficiency in identifying and mitigating facility risks and gain practical skills in implementing operational strategies to address critical challenges.
Target Audience: Nursing Home Administrators, DONs, Nurse Managers, Compliance Staff, QA Director, Department Heads, Human Resources, Corporate Leaders, Board Members.

All sessions held the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. Central 

June 2, 2021—Driving Excellence Through QAPI
July 7, 2021—Internal Investigations
August 4, 2021—Achieving Objectives Through People: Topics in Human Resources 
September 1, 2021—The Operator’s Guide to Understanding the (Tremendous) Impact of the MDS 
October 6, 2021—Fundamentals of Defense Part 1: Falls, Infection Control/COVID-19 Outbreak /Management, Pressure Ulcers, Elopement, Wrongful Death
November 3, 2021—Fundamentals of Defense Part 2: Falls, Infection Control/COVID-19 Outbreak /Management, Pressure Ulcers, Elopement, Wrongful Death
December 1, 2021—Lessons from Headlines: Case Reviews 2021

Cultivating LTC Leaders-Internal Investigations 

July 7, 2021 - 1 p.m.

This session will review best practices for conducting a thorough and detailed internal investigation in response to accidents/incidents, and allegations of abuse, misappropriation or staff misconduct with sample tools for investigation tracking and reporting.

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Web Seminar Series: Standards of Care: Master the Core Elements of LTC Clinical Excellence 

This 12-month web seminar series focuses on nursing facility systems of care and managing common conditions treated in the LTC setting. Each session addresses standards of care, staff training/competency focus areas, critical nursing assessment/documentation principles, care planning guidance, recommended QA activities and practical daily operations guidance with extensive use of case examples. 
What to Expect: Develop skills for strengthening clinical systems and improving care quality.

Target Audience: Nursing Home Administrators, DONs, Nurse Managers, QA Director, MDS/RAI Team, Nursing Staff, Staff Development Coordinator, Compliance Staff, Department Heads, Corporate Leaders

All sessions held the third Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. Central 
June 16, 2021—Skin/Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention
July 21, 2021—Depression, Anxiety and Trauma-Informed Care
August 18, 2021—Dementia Care, Behavioral Health and Antipsychotic Reduction 
September 16, 2021—Pain 
October 20, 2021—End of Life Care: Hospice and Palliative Services
November 17, 2021—Nutrition, Hydration and Weight Loss
December 15, 2021—Incontinence, UTI and Catheters


Standards of Care-Skin/Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention
June 16, 2021 - 1 p.m.

This session will review regulatory requirements and best practices for assessing skin, preventing, identifying and treating wounds and monitoring changes in skin condition to ensure optimal resident outcomes. Through lecture and case study analysis we will identify critical nursing assessment and documentation principles to apply in your daily practical operations to promote resident well-being and minimize potential risks. 

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The Center's ID/DD Symposium

Join us on June 16, 2021 for The Center’s Annual ID/DD Symposium. This year’s symposium will be a virtual event and will include important updates on a variety of topics pertaining to the populations you serve.

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Review Course for the Illinois Licensure Examination for Nursing Home Administrators

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be conducting an in-person Licensure Review Course at this time. However, we do have study materials available for purchase for anyone who is preparing for the state and national exams. You may select to purchase printed manuals shipped via USPS or digital copies of the manuals sent via email. Purchasers will also receive supplementary readings and practice exams by email from the course instructor, John Cirn. Please complete the form below and return it, along with your payment, to the address listed on the form. Once your order is received, your study materials will be sent out within a week.
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