Staff Contacts

Illinois Health Care Association

Matt Hartman

Matt Hartman – Executive Director
Board of Directors/Overall Administration
Legislative, Regulatory, Reimbursement and Political Policies
Membership Services
Preferred Vendor Servic

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Administration/Finance & Operations Committee

Gina Alex – Vice President of Finance and Human Resources
Accounts Payable/Receivables/Dues
Human Resources/Benefits Administrator
General Office Management

Administration/Finance & Operations Committee
Board Meeting Logistics and Scheduling
General Membership Information

Ashley Caldwell – Education Director

LTCNA Council
LTCNA Nursing Awards and Scholarships
Maitland-Warner Nursing Scholarships
Education, Convention and Trade Show Committee

Debbie Jackson – Vice President of Education/Clinical Services
Licensure Standards and Courses
Education, Convention and Expo
Clinical Issues
Long Term Care Nurses Association (LTCNA) Council
Nursing Awards and Scholarships
John W. Maitland, Jr. — Joseph F. Warner
Long Term Care Nurses Scholarship Fund Board of Directors

Jackie Jessen – Finance and Education Assistant
Seminar/Event Registration and Assistance
LTCNA Accounts Receivables/Dues
Membership/Information Updates and Data Entry
Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Palermo – Legislative and Regulatory Liaison
Regulatory, Legislative and Reimbursement Issues
Political Activities
Public Policy Committee
IHCA Political Action Committee

Kelli Showalter – Education, Conference and Event Manager
Convention, Seminar, Expo and Event Planning
Program Development, Speakers, General Information
Associate and Individual Constituency Committee

Ashley Snavely – Vice President of Public Policy
Regulatory, Legislative and Reimbursement Issues
Political Activities
Public Policy Committee
Assisted Living Constituency Committee


Melissa Viola – Accounting Manager
Accounts Payable/Receivables
Dues Invoicing
ID/DD Constituency Committee (CDDACS Board of Directors)
IL-PALTC Committee



Jackie Webb – Communications Director
Internal/External Communications
Association Publications

Association Websites
Membership Database
Digital Communications
IHCA Excellence Awards
Assisted Living/Nursing Facility Constituency Committee

The Center for Developmental Disabilities Advocacy and Community Supports

Marie Rucker – Executive Director
CDDACS Board of Directors
ID/DD Regulatory/Public Policy
ID/DD Legislative Issues

Illinois Health Care Association – General Counsel

Nicholas J. Lynn, Duane Morris, LLP
190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 3700
Chicago, IL 60603